FormIt C++ API  v23.0.0 (2023.0.0)
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CWSM::AbstractLockGuardWSM::AbstractLockGuard class
 CFormIt::MessagePayloadStructThis structure hides the implementation of the payload so it can't be used improperly
 CWSM::ATFCameraDataData used to pass camera information to and from ATF
 CFormIt::CameraDataFormIt::CameraData class
 CFormIt::Collaboration::ChatMessageFormIt::Collaboration::ChatMessage struct
 CWSM::ColorStores an RGBA color value
 CFormIt::ContentDataWithoutAXMFormIt::ContentDataWithoutAXM struct
 CWSM::CurveDataData used to construct a string of edges
 CWSM::EdgeDataData used to construct an edge
 CFormIt::Forge::ElementInfoBase class that represents a BIM360 element
 CFormIt::Forge::FileInfoRepresents a file in BIM360 The file element has a containing folder and version
 CFormIt::Forge::FolderInfoRepresents a folder in BIM360
 CFormIt::Forge::ExtensionInfoThis class is used to store specific extension information in FileInfo
 CFormIt::Forge::RevitFamilyInfoHolds Revit family information obtained from derivative service
 CWSM::FaceDataData used to construct a face
 CWSM::FacetsBodyDataContains data for constructing a Body from facets
 CFormIt::Forge::FileDataCompact representation of a file in BIM360 along with data
 CFormIt::Files::FileOptionsFormIt::Files::FileOptions struct
 CFormIt::Files::FileOptionsListFormIt::Files::FileOptionsList class
 CFormIt::Forge::FolderContentsCompact representation of BIM360 folder contents
 CWSM::GroupInstancePathPrivate member m_aPaths in GroupInstancePath is not exported and causes a warning that can be safely ignored
 CFormIt::Web::HeaderRepresentation of a single header
 CWSM::Utils::HistoryBoundsHelperThis is a helper class to find the bounds of the Objects that are visible in the Model. class HistoryBoundsHelper
 CFormIt::UndoManagement::HistoryIDSimple wrappers to ensure type safety
 CWSM::Utils::HistoryObjectsThis is a helper class to convert the many representations of Objects used by the WSM APIs.class HistoryObjects
 CFormIt::Forge::HubInfoRepresents a Hub on BIM360 Contains a list of projects represented as ProjectInfo structs
 CWSM::Utils::IAppHelperIAppHelper is the interface for an application helper class.class IAppHelper
 CWSM::Utils::ICameraICamera is an interface supplied by the application to query the camera class ICamera
 CFormIt::ImageDataClass that represents an image object implements code to have the different data members loaded correctly i.e
 CWSM::ImageDataData used to construct a rectangular face with a texture on it
 CWSM::InstanceDataData used to construct a group instance
 CWSM::Interval2dCorresponds to a bounding box in 2D space
 CWSM::Interval3dCorresponds to a bounding box in 3D space
 CWSM::IRayFireFilterAndAbort! Interface class used by APIRayFireReadOnly and APIIntersectsNegativeSideOfPlanesReadOnly
 CWSM::Utils::RayFireFilterHiddenImplemetation of IRayFireFilterAndAbort that filters hidden objects
 CWSM::Utils::RayFireFilterHiddenOrNonPickableImplemetation of IRayFireFilterAndAbort that filters hidden and and non pickable objects Note that this implementation does not use a pick ray, as it is used by area seletion where no pick ray exists
 CWSM::Utils::RayFireFilterHiddenOrSectionedImplemetation of IRayFireFilterAndAbort that filters hidden and/or sectioned objects
 CWSM::Utils::ITooltipProviderITooltipProvider is an interface supplied by the application to display the tooltip class ITooltipProvider
 CFormIt::UndoManagement::JSHistoryIDJSHistoryID is a helper class for JS APIs to take either a HistoryID or int
 CFormIt::UndoManagement::JSStateIDJSStateID is a helper class for JS APIs to take either a StateID or int
 CWSM::LayerDataData used to construct a layer
 CFormIt::LevelDataThis class represents a Level in formit Core
 CWSM::Line3dStores an oriented line and/or an axis, defined by a Point3d and a Vector3d
 CFormIt::LoadCompleteDataLoadComplete messages A load has completed or Begin/EndState happened Payload : LoadCompleteData
 CWSM::LoopDataData used to construct a loop in a face
 CFormIt::Materials::MaterialDataFormIt::Materials::MaterialData struct
 CWSM::Utils::MaterialDataData that stores all the material properties to be collected by GetAllRenderingInformation
 CWSM::MaterialDataData used to construct a material
 CFormIt::MaterialManagerChangedDataMaterial messages Materials were added, changed, removed Payload : MaterialChangeData
 CWSM::Utils::MeshDataData that can be used to draw a single mesh
 CWSM::Utils::MeshesAndTransformsDataData that packages meshes and transforms together
 CFormIt::MessageBroadcasterFormIt::MessageBroadcaster class
 CFormIt::MessageListenerFormIt::MessageListener class
 CFormIt::MessageStructThe base class for all messages
 CFormIt::MessageVoidStructThe base class for all structures that don't have a payload
 CFormIt::MessageWithPayloadStructThe base class for all structures that have a payload
 CWSM::ModelChangeDataThe type of data passed to a callback that will be called upon the completion of each Delta or Undo/Redo operation within any non-temporary History, and the creation or deletion of non-temporary histories
 CFormIt::ModelMetadataFormIt::ModelMetadata struct
 CFormIt::NotificationHandleTypeHandle to control a notification dialog after it has been created
 CWSM::ObjectHistoryIDCombines a history ID and an object ID into a single object
 CWSM::Utils::ObjectTypeFilterStruct ObjectTypeFilter
 CFormIt::Forge::PermissionsInfoRepresents BIM360 Permissions for an ElementInfo
 CWSM::Utils::PickRayPickRay is a class containing all the information needed to do a pick in perspective and parallel views.class PickRay
 CWSM::PlaneStores an oriented plane in 3D
 CWSM::Point2dStores a point in 2D space
 CWSM::Point3dStores a point in 3D space
 CFormIt::Forge::ProjectInfoRepresents a project on BIM360 The rootFolderId is the entry point for ListContents API to navigate the project
 CFormIt::RendererDataFormIt::RendererData class
 CFormIt::Web::RequestConfigData used to form a REST request
 CFormIt::Web::ResponseResponse object
 CWSM::ResultPrivate member m_pRI in Result is not exported and causes a warning that can be safely ignored
 CFormIt::RevitFamilyInformationFormIt::RevitFamilyInformation struct
 CFormIt::SaveInformationPayload for kSaveCompleted
 CFormIt::SelectedPropertiesFormIt::SelectedProperties struct
 CFormIt::SolsticeEquinoxDataFormIt::SolsticeEquinoxData struct
 CFormIt::Utils::Span< T >Provides a "view" into a container/array
 CFormIt::UndoManagement::StateDataThe observable data of an undo state
 CFormIt::UndoManagement::StateIDFormIt::UndoManagement::StateID struct
 CFormIt::SunLocationDataFormIt::SunLocationData class
 CFormIt::SunRiseDataSunrise and sunset from the current location and date in local time (0 ..
 CWSM::TextureDataData used to construct a texture
 CWSM::Transf3dGeneral affine or projective transformation in 3D space
 CWSM::UnitVector3dStores a unit vector in 3D space
 CFormIt::UTCDataFormIt::UTCData struct
 CFormIt::Utils::UtilsImageFormIt::Utils::UtilsImage class
 CWSM::Vector2dStores a vector in 2D space
 CWSM::Vector3dStores a vector in 3D space
 CFormIt::VersionFormIt version info