FormIt C++ API  v23.0.0 (2023.0.0)
FormIt::kToolModeChangedType Struct Reference


Tells when a tool changes its "mode".

This can mean a variety of things, such as the paintbrush tool going from painting to picking or the orbit tool going to swivel (via the control key), or vice versa. It allows for the cursor to be updated to a different icon in the middle of the tool execution, for example.

#include <FormItCoreMessages.h>

Inheritance diagram for FormIt::kToolModeChangedType:
FormIt::MessageVoidStruct FormIt::MessageStruct

Public Member Functions

::string message () const override
 message() function. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from FormIt::MessageStruct
bool operator== (MessageStruct const &right) const
 So we can see if a particular message received is the same as one of the predefined ones using simple comparisons. More...
bool operator!= (MessageStruct const &right) const

Additional Inherited Members

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using Payload = void

Member Function Documentation

::string FormIt::kToolModeChangedType::message ( ) const

message() function.

Implements FormIt::MessageStruct.

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