FormIt C++ API  v23.0.0 (2023.0.0)
FormIt::kSaveRequestedType Struct Reference


Trigger a save of the current project.

On Pyramid this always saves to a local file. On web it always saves to A360

#include <FormItCoreMessages.h>

Inheritance diagram for FormIt::kSaveRequestedType:
FormIt::MessageVoidStruct FormIt::MessageStruct

Public Member Functions

::string message () const override
 message() function. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from FormIt::MessageStruct
bool operator== (MessageStruct const &right) const
 So we can see if a particular message received is the same as one of the predefined ones using simple comparisons. More...
bool operator!= (MessageStruct const &right) const

Additional Inherited Members

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using Payload = void

Member Function Documentation

::string FormIt::kSaveRequestedType::message ( ) const

message() function.

Implements FormIt::MessageStruct.

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