FormIt Plugin API  v23.0.0 (2023.0.0)
FormIt.UndoManagement Namespace Reference



json BeginState ()
json EndState (name, userName)
 Ends a state change operation. More...
json RejectState ()
 Reject the current undo state operation. More...
json CanGlobalRedo ()
 Can redo one step in any history. More...
json GlobalRedo ()
 Redo to the oldest current state in any history. More...
json GlobalUndo (bAndDeleteRedo)
 Undo the most recent current state in any history and optionally delete redo information when undoing. More...
json CanGlobalUndo ()
 Can undo one step in any history. More...
json CanRedo (nHistoryID, nStates)
json CanUndo (nHistoryID, nStates)
json GetCurrentState (nHistoryID)
json GetHistoryIDs ()
 Get the IDs of all Historys being managed. More...
json GetHistoryStates (nHistoryID)
json GetStateData (nStateID)
json GetStateHistories (nStateID)
json MergeCurrentStates (histories)
 Merge the current state of multiple existing histories into a single state. More...
json MergeStateRange (idFirst, idLast)
json MergeStates (states)
 Merge multiple existing states into a single state. More...
json NoteState (name, aHistories)
 Note a state that affects the given histories. More...
json Redo (nHistoryID, nStates)
json RollTo (nHistoryID, nStateID, bAndDeleteRedo)
json SetLastStateName (stateName)
 Set the name for the most recent state. More...
json SetStateName (nStateID, stateName)
json Undo (nHistoryID, nStates, bAndDeleteRedo)