FormIt JavaScript Plugins

Harness the Power of the FormIt Engine for Custom Workflows

FormIt's JavaScript plugin infrastructure allows the creation of custom 3D workflows and bespoke modeling functionality, using a variety of UI types and a powerful API.

Using FormIt Plugins

Get started with plugins today! Use the Plugin Manager to install useful plugins from the FormIt Team, or learn how to build your own FormIt plugins!

Plugin Manager

The FormIt Plugin Manager is your one-stop shop for discovering and managing plugins.

Access to the Plugin Manager is limited to certain versions of FormIt:

The FormIt Plugin Manager

The Plugin Manager automatically includes two repositories from the FormIt Team:

The Plugin Manager is designed using a series of expandable and collapsible interfaces, which makes managing plugins and their repositories easy:

How Plugins Work

Building FormIt Plugins

FormIt plugins are JavaScript-based and support both native and HTML UI, enabling rich interface experiences to support custom 3D modeling and computation workflows.

Developing FormIt plugins is as easy as it is rewarding. Use the links below to jump to different steps in the development process:

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Useful Links

Help With FormIt Plugins

Trying to use or build a plugin and running into issues? We're here to help. Use the links below to reach out and get support.